Local cheeses to discover

France and cheese are two words that are very often placed together in the same sentence. And it’s not for nothing, in 2015 we referenced about 1200 different cheeses all […]

Parapente à Annecy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Si vous faites des cours à Ifalpes entre le mois d’avril et fin octobre, profitez en pour tester une activités très populaires de la région, le parapente. En effet, avec […]

Paragliding in Annecy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you do courses at Ifalpes between April and the end of October, take the opportunity to try out one of the region’s most popular activities, paragliding ! Indeed, paragliding […]

Is French that amazing?

Feel like learning French and joining the community of 274 million French speakers in the world ? Welcome to IFALPES Learn French in the Alps ! Soon you will be […]

Is French a difficult language to learn?

Some people think that learning French is really hard, but this is far from the truth because it is not a difficult language to learn if you go about it […]

How to pronounce French words correctly

Learning French vocabulary is an important part of studying French, and so is learning the grammar, but what is also essential to being fluent in the language is to be […]

Learning Games in French

Playing games of all sorts is a lot of fun, and doing so is also a great way of learning a language. Taking part in French learning games can only […]

Exclusive interview: Paul Taylor!

Who is Paul Taylor? He’s a comedian and Youtuber that has currently a one-man show in Paris and a TV show in Canal+, he also has more than 200 000 […]