Learning Games in French

Playing games of all sorts is a lot of fun, and doing so is also a great way of learning a language. Taking part in French learning games can only help you improve your knowledge of and fluency in the language of France.

Board Games in French

Many very well-known and popular games, such as Monopoly or Scrabble, are available in French. A good way to help yourself learn French is to play such a game with French-speaking friends. The special French Monopoly features locations and streets around Paris.

Playing this popular board game in its French edition helps you memorise the names of famous places in the capital of France, and a French-speaking friend will help you learn the words for all the elements of the game, and how to say things like “It’s your turn (c’est à toi),” and “Go to jail” (aller en prison). Other games like chess can also be played with a friend who speaks French and you can learn the names of the various pieces for this game.

Online French Learning Games

Besides all the board games there are that you can play with French-speaking friends and that will help you learn the language, there are also lots of online games that can be found in the digital world of the Internet. These games have the advantage of being able to be played wherever you are, as long as you have access to a computer or other device to access the Internet. French games can also be downloaded. Bonjour de France offers a range of Games to Learn French, and the BBC has a great selection of games to teach you the French language too. Here you can learn the French numbers, how to pronounce words properly, discover how to talk about items of food and drink, and learn the French for many popular activities too, all with the help of simple learning games that are both fun and educational. Of course, this is the essence of why games help you learn a foreign language; it is because playing games combines pleasure with learning. 

Classroom Games

If you are studying French in classes, or perhaps on a course, there are games that are suitable for the classroom too. One popular blackboard game, especially for younger students, is Hangman, in which one player thinks of a word and the other players have to try and guess it. They can suggest letters that may or may not be the right ones.

French Games in France

Naturally, the best place in the whole world to learn French is in France, and speaking of classes in the language, you can enrol on courses at our iFalpes French Language School in Annecy in France. Ifalpes organise all sorts of leisure activities that students can get involved in whilst having a great opportunity to learn French. Among these activities are sporting events, and because the language being spoken is French you are sure to learn some new words and phrases while enjoying yourself.

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