Is French a difficult language to learn?

Some people think that learning French is really hard, but this is far from the truth because it is not a difficult language to learn if you go about it the right way. So what are the easiest ways of becoming fluent in French?

Words you already know

It may surprise you to discover that there are a lot of French words you already know that are in the English language. Boutique, lingerie, depot, cafe, chauffeur, bouquet, brunette, souvenir and genre are some very commonly used ones, but there are so many more, as well as expressions in common usage like bon voyage, en route and R.S.V.P (Répondez s’il vous plaît).

Words that end in “-ion” are usually the same in both English and French too, though the pronunciation is a bit different. When you realise how similar the languages are, and how many words you already know the meanings of, it should help you learn French.

Listening to French speakers

You may think it is difficult to pronounce the words correctly but this is where practice is very important. One of the best ways of learning the pronunciation is by listening to French speakers talking in their native tongue. You try to copy the sounds you hear.

You can listen to French radio stations, watch movies and TV shows in French. If you choose a film you already know in English but get a French version, this will help you understand what is happening and what is being said.

On the Audible website you can find audiobooks of a wide range of categories and subjects recorded in French. Apple and Android devices even let you slow down the speed to help you hear what is said.

Make French Friends

Making French-speaking friends is one of the best ways of learning the language because they can show you how to sound the words properly, and you can have conversations with them in French. Trying out the French you have learned will give you more confidence when you find out how much you know and are saying correctly. Learning French can be easy and fun when this is done with the help of your friends who are fluent in it.

Take a Course in French

Of course, the best place to learn French is in France, and a French language school like ours provides the perfect setting. Besides getting lessons in the subject, when you are away from class you can practice your French with native-speakers in a real French town, as well as enjoying local activities and attending events where the French language is used and spoken.

There are loads of online courses in French you can take to improve your fluency as well. If you have access to the Internet, you can learn French wherever you are in the world, and you will probably find that it is not so hard to learn as you once imagined!

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