Why choose IFALPES?

A friendly atmosphere for an unforgettable stay

We are a school on a human scale. Our students appreciate the friendliness and atmosphere that prevails at IFALPES, in classes as well as during breaks and activities.

The school is a space for exchanges and openness with students from all over the world who have the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas on a daily basis in French. This mix of cultures and nationalities makes IFALPES a unique place to practice and progress rapidly in French.

The administrative and pedagogical team is always available to answer the many questions and requests of our students, facilitate their daily activities and find solutions… We attach great importance to this relationship, so that all IFALPES students feel at home.

A high quality language stay!

IFALPES teachers, all of whom are native French speakers, have extensive experience in teaching French to foreigners. They are all graduates in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and are passionate about their profession.

In order for our students to benefit from maximum speaking time, our classes average 10 students per group (maximum 15). This limited number of students per class, allows our teachers to set up an active pedagogy and, for each pupil, to participate as much as possible in the group.

At IFALPES we also put a lot of care into the selection of our host families because we know that accommodation is the key to a successful stay. Our family selection procedure is very strict so that each student has a unique immersion experience, which will contribute to making their stay an unforgettable moment.

For many years, IFALPES has obtained different quality labels: Equals, FLE quality label…This accreditation process allows us to evaluate our practices every day, to regularly question ourselves in order to progress in our work and to offer our students a guarantee of reliability and quality.

A fun learning experience!

For a stay to be effective, we think it is important that everyone has fun: the pleasure of learning in the classroom, thanks to the commitment of our teachers, the pleasure of interacting with others, the pleasure of sharing unique moments.

To create these special moments, outside of classes, we offer and organize a multitude of things to do and see in Annecy, during the week and at weekends. Our cultural and social activities or excursions allow our students to discover the sites that are essential to see in the region and thus to better understand the French culture and way of life.