Is French that amazing?

Feel like learning French and joining the community of 274 million French speakers in the world ? Welcome to IFALPES Learn French in the Alps ! Soon you will be able to speak this rich and beautiful language spoken on all 5 continents !

French is the international language for the arts like litterature, cinema, fashion, music and gastronomy. Think about writers Victor Hugo, Molière, Voltaire and Jean-Paul Sartre, actors Gérard Depardieu, Jean Dujardin and Marion Cotillard, fashion designers Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, singers Edith Piaf, Stromae and Zaz, and famous chefs like Paul Bocuse.
French is your best travel companion when travelling in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Monaco and many African countries.

Speaking French is a passport to studying at university in France and to obtaining prestigious and internationally recognised qualifications, and a plus for your career.

Study French in France with IFALPES and you will improve your knowledge thanks to our fully qualified teachers and receive a level certificate at the end of your stay.

Stay in France and you will meet French people and other students of all ages from all around the world, you will immerse yourself in French culture, gastronomy and ‘art de vivre’.

Choose Annecy, discover our dynamic city and the beautiful landscapes of the Alps ! Unforgettable moments, travel anecdotes, new friends and the desire to return…. Live the unique experience of an immersion language course!

Join us at IFALPES, we are open throughout the year, whatever your level, from 16 years old upwards !

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