Student residences

IFALPES works with two student residences: the Student lodgings and the University residence.

N.B. Limited availability.

Student Residence I | Student lodgings:

Booking possible all year round depending on the availability of the establishment.
Located 20 minutes by bus or bicycle from IFALPES.
Basic comfort, room with a sink, office and storage. Shower and toilets are shared with 4 residents. Kitchen on each floor.

General facilities include a common-room with a study-area, a light and spacious hall, a cafeteria, a TV area and a ping pong area and a laundry room with washing and drying machines.

Price: 450€ per month

Student Residence II | University residence:

Only available in summer, located a stone’s throw from the lake, 20 minutes by bus or 10 minutes by bike from IFALPES. Possibility of having a room with a view of the lake, subject to availability.
Standard comfort, room with shower & individual toilets. Kitchen on each floor.

Price: 500€ per month

Booking fees:

Each student will be asked an additional 40€ for any unjustified change of accommodation.