Visiting Annecy flea market

The charming and peaceful town of Annecy in the French Alps, besides being a wonderful place to spend your holidays, has its own Ifalpes French Language School where you can study the language of France.

Our school organises many pleasurable activities you can take part in, whilst practicing your spoken French at the same time. One activity you can enjoy in Annecy, is a visit to the flea market, which sells all sorts of secondhand items.

This market, which is also known as a “brocante” market, takes place on the last Saturday of each month and is held in the historic and picturesque old quarter of Annecy. Here you can browse the stalls for all sorts of  bric-a-brac bargains, and find some local arts, crafts and other interesting items, such as wooden butter molds and cheese-making tools, as well as skis, cowbells and Savoyard milk jugs.

Hundreds of stallholders take part in the Annecy market, and furniture, paintings and antiques are also on sale. You never know what you might find there.

This regular flea market, held even in the winter months, makes for a really enjoyable and unforgettable Annecy experience. Although the town is located in the mountains it doesn’t let cold weather get in the way of putting on activities and entertainment that people can enjoy. You will find something interesting going on in Annecy all year around!

Other outdoor markets in Annecy

Besides the flea market, held in the old quarter, Annecy has other outdoor markets of note. The art market, which takes place at the Vicenza et Place St-Francois, has a great selection of watercolours, paintings and drawings. There is a good mixture of artwork by amateur and professional artists.

The artisans’ market is held at the quai des Cordeliers, and is devoted to local handicrafts.

Annecy certainly has many attractions, including Lake Annecy, Annecy Castle and the historic and turreted Palais de L’Isle, but its markets are surely just as appealing for the many visitors and residents of the town.

School Activities

As already mentioned, Ifalpes French Language School organises many activities in Annecy that students can take part in, and these activities include: hiking, Ski trips, theatre, cooking lessons, picnics and visiting other villages and towns. You will have the opportunity of meeting local people and trying out the French you have learned.

Annecy market Ifalpes

Photo from Ifalpes

There is always plenty to see and do in Annecy, and a range of hotels you can choose from when looking for suitable accommodation there. From your base you can explore the town and the amazing countryside around it, or pick up a bargain at one of the many markets.

It is easy to see why Annecy is such a popular destination in France, and why your visit there will be a memorable one.

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