French Exam Preparation


A specially designed programme to prepare for the Delf/Dalf exams

The Delf and Dalf are recognised diplomas that certify your level of French and that are valid for life.

Issued by FEI (France Education International) and the French Ministry of Education, they allow you to officially certify your level of French for work or study.

Ifalpes, our French language school in Annecy, offers a specific online French course for people wishing to prepare for the Defl B2 and Dalf C1 exams.

These two exam levels are the most commonly required for entry to a French university or to apply for a job requiring a higher level of French.

The online format makes it possible to combine exam preparation with other occupations, study or professional obligations.

Lasting 4 weeks, with set start dates, the lessons take place at the end of the day and are group sessions with a maximum of 14 participants, for better teaching quality.

The course volume is 9 lessons of 45 minutes per week.
The main aim of the programme is to prepare you for the exam:
methodology of the chosen exam
deepening your vocabulary on specific exam topics
in-depth grammatical skills
improving communicative skills, both written and oral

We work on all 4 skills, as they are all assessed during the exam: oral comprehension, written comprehension, speaking and writing.
Mock exams are organised, corrected and revised by the teachers at our French language school to prepare you as well as possible for the exam.

Included with your programme

  • Placement test
  • Pedagogical follow-up by your teacher
  • Corrected mock exam


9 lessons per week

4 weeks

Category: French Exam Preparation

Set online dates

International online classes

Beginners to advanced levels

Specific dates for beginners

Group lessons (Avg. 10 students)

From 16 years old

* The online DELF/DALF exam preparation course is provided by our French language school Onze Toulouse (KLF Group).

The right choice depends on your level. If you’re B2, you’ll choose the Delf B2; if you’re C1, you’ll choose the Dalf C1.

The exam preparation course will enable you to deepen your knowledge at your current level.

If you’re not sure about your level, contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you.

If you’re looking for a French language course to help you progress, we can offer you a range of courses to complement the exam preparation course.

Our Ifalpes French language school will direct you to the nearest exam center, whether you’re in France or abroad.

There are many examination centers and the dates are announced in advance.

Our team will be there to help you through the process.

Practice is included in the Delf/Dalf exam preparation course.

The online course activities are designed to prepare you efficiently for the written and oral exams.

We can also provide you with access to a platform dedicated to additional self-study preparation modules, giving you an easy and flexible way to practice.

Students trained every year
Average students per class
People at your service
FLE Quality accredited centre

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