Museums in Annecy

Annecy is a city with an important historical and cultural heritage. During your stay at Ifalpes, take the opportunity to visit these museums :

Castle Museum

Overlooking the old town of Annecy, it is impossible to walk around without seeing its castle ideally located high up. The oldest part is the imposing “Tour de la Reine” which dates from the 13th century. It was the former residence of the Counts of Geneva and then of the Dukes of Savoy-Nemours. It can be visited all year round and offers permanent and temporary exhibitions. The entrance also gives you access to “The Regional Observatory of the Alpine Lakes”. It is a museum composed of aquariums, models and films dedicated to the fauna, the flora of fresh water, underwater archaeology, ethnology…

Le Palais de l’Île

Type “Annecy” in the search bar of google image and you will see appearing first this building with a very typical architecture. Located on a small island in the Thiou canal which crosses the old town, it is also called “The old prisons”. Dating from the XII century and classified as a “historical monument” in 1900, it has occupied several functions over the years. Indeed, mainly a prison, it has also been a barracks, a courthouse but also a princely residence. It was still used as a prison during the second world war and was later restored and turned into a museum. You can visit the building, the dungeons, the former chapel and courtroom. There is also a permanent exhibition of the architecture and heritage interpretation centre.

Animated Film Museum

Annecy has been a reference for amateurs and professionals in the world of animated films for about sixty years. Indeed, the Animated Film Festival and the Animation Film Market are important international events for this sector. The museum is free of charge and offers a panorama of the history and techniques of animation from its beginnings to the present day. It is even possible to make your own film in the last room of the museum !

For your information, on the first Sunday of every month, the museums are free !


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