You know you are learning French because…

 When you are studying the language of France there are a number of signs to watch out for so that you can monitor your progress. You know you are definitely learning French because of the following indications revealed below.

1.  Being sensible

You stop using the word “sensible” when describing someone who is sensible. You have really done your homework when it comes to faux amis (“false friends”) or words that look the same or very similar in French to English words but have very different meanings. In this case, sensible means sensitive in French.

2.  You can use the French short form

When it comes easily to you to place an order for a champ  as an apero before attending an expo then you know are really becoming fluent in the language. A champ means champagne, an apero is an aperitif, and expo is the abbreviated form of exposition, the French word for exhibition. There are very many more abbreviations you would be skilled at using when you are really fluent in the language.

3. You say “Du coup” a lot

The phrase du coup can be translated as “so that means,” and it is a very popular expression used by the French people today. Using these words, and peppering your conversation with them, shows you can talk just like everyone else does and that you are up to date with what is popular and trendy in France.

4. Thinking in French even when in shock

You have just been nearly knocked off your bike and you yell out putain de connard!  Even in shock and great anger you are crying out with a French curse rather than in English.

5. Using a French idiom

You want someone to get lost but you tell them to “go cook an egg!” This, of course, wouldn’t make any sense to an English-speaker. Your use of this French idiom means that you are thinking like a French native-speaker of the language. Now you know you’ve cracked it (pun intended)!

6. Verlan

Verlan” is a form of popular French slang in which the syllables of words are pronounced backwards. For example, you say ouf instead of fou to mean crazy. 

7. You can say Serrurerie

Many English-speakers find French hard to pronounce correctly, so, if you are able to say the really difficult words in the right way, you must have conquered the language. Probably the hardest word of all is serrurerie, which means locksmith. Can you say it?

8. Getting the words in the right order

French, like German and many other languages, can have a different order for words in its sentence construction. You know you are thinking like a French person when you no longer struggle with getting the order right. For example, you know the correct way of saying “I miss my family” (ma famille me manque) or “my family misses me” (je manque à ma famille).

Of course, to really make sure your French is right, enrolling on a French language course at our school will help make sure of that.

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