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Since the first confinement a year ago, Ifalpes has been running its online group course programme ”Keep Learning French”. If you follow us on social networks, you know that we regularly promote it and invite you to try it out. Indeed, as we have been able to see for the past year and as our teacher Corinne says so well: “to test our online group course programme once is to adopt it” 😀

At the beginning it was just to compensate with the borders closing but due to its success we decided to continue to offer it in spite of the reopening of face-to-face courses.

Online group course in 3 steps :


It is done directly on our website. You can choose to register for one week or more depending on your personal objective. Once you have registered, Emmanuel, our academic coordinator, will contact you for an oral test by phone to assess your level. This test will enable us to place you in the group that suits you best. He will then send you the login link to access your course and voila ! You are officially a KLF student 😀

Course description

The programme of our online group courses is the same as that of our face-to-face courses in Annecy. That’s great, thanks to that you can extend your stay on site or, on the contrary, continue it online afterwards !

It consists of 3 hours of classes per day from Monday to Friday from 9.15am to 12.30pm with a different objective each week. If you are not a beginner, you can join one of our classes every Monday, throughout the year, without waiting for the beginning of the month or a specific session. If you are a beginner, contact us and we will let you know the date of the next session.

A typical course is as follows :

The teacher welcomes you at 9.15 am with a big smile and ask everyone how they are doing. It’s a good introduction and a good icebreaker 😉

During the 3 hours of classes, you will have 2 hours of interaction with the teacher and 1 hour of independent work. The interaction phase is more dynamic, the teacher speaks, explains the lesson and above all involves the students to work on communication and see if they have understood ! This can take the form of games and activities, the aim being to learn while having fun !

Is an online course very different from a face-to-face course ?

No, even if the format changes, an online French course remains a French course, fortunately !

From the interview of our professor Pascaline on the Ifalpes blog

Another important point is the number of students : for an ideal learning comfort, we have a maximum of 8 students per class.

I find that the students discipline themselves very quickly. They are attentive. Everyone listens to each other. You have to learn a little at the beginning with the technical restrictions but very quickly the students exchange during the course with fluidity.

From the interview of our professor Corinne on the Ifalpes blog

Online group courses but not only !

In addition to the courses you will also have unlimited access to our e-learning platform. Numerous course modules and exercises are available per level (from A1 to C2) and per theme. You can therefore continue to work outside your course and even contact our teaching team for personalised coaching.

End of course or extension

Another advantage of choosing Ifalpes and KLF : flexibility !

Indeed, we know that it is not always easy to plan one’s schedule over several weeks depending on work and obligations. This is why the minimum registration period is one week. You have the possibility at any time to extend your course for the following week(s).

Online group course
Ready for the online course !

Possibility of a free test before registration !

You are hesitating between different course formulas ? Not sure if the online courses are right for you ?

We understand your hesitation, to answer it, please note that it is possible to test our online group courses free of charge for one morning !

To do this, it’s very simple, you have to :

  1. Contact us by email at [email protected] or on whatsapp +33 6 75 87 35 19
  2. Have a short interview in order to select the level group that suits you best.
  3. Join the group for 3 hours and participate in the proposed activities.
  4. Finalise, if you wish, your registration and payment to continue your course for the rest of the week 😀.

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