Winter in Annecy – skiing and other winter sports

The charming town of Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps is a very popular destination for tourists all year round. Besides its landmarks and places to visit, Annecy has a very special attraction to offer, because it is the perfect location for sports and outdoor activities whatever the season. Even in the winter months there are many winter sports that can be enjoyed here.

Skiing in Annecy

Skiing is one of the main winter sports enjoyed in the mountains around Annecy. It is possible to go skiing in the Alps between October and April, so there is plenty of time and a long season for this popular winter sport. There are many ski resorts, such as Semnoz and La Clusaz, in the Annecy area.

Semnoz is to the southeast of Annecy and offers excellent trails through the mountains and forests. La Clusaz is near the Swiss Border and has been hosting winter sports events since 1907. The Candide Invitational is an annual ski contest held in La Clusaz on the Balme Mountain. It is the birthplace of the famous French skier Vincent Vittoz.

If you are a newcomer to the sport or want to improve your skills, there are ski schools where you can take lessons and learn all about skiing. Speaking of schools, Annecy is a wonderful place to learn and practice French and it has its own French language school Ifalpes.

Ski paragliding is another sport that can be enjoyed in the winter months in Annecy. It is a great way to get some really amazing views of the countryside.

You can also go snowboarding in the winter around Annecy, and The Reels: Snowboarding Film Festival was staged and celebrated in the town.

Snowmobiling in Annecy

Snowmobiling is another popular winter sport that can be enjoyed in the mountains around the town of Annecy.

It is possible to go on a snowmobile safari and there is a snowy plateau in the Annecy area used for snowmobiling known as “Little Canada”.

Husky Dog Sledding

Husky dogs are associated with the frozen north of Alaska and Canada but husky dog sledding is a winter sporting activity that can now be enjoyed near Annecy too at La Clusaz.

Dog sledding begins in December and continues on until April and, with a “musher” in charge of the dogs, is always a lot of fun.

Winter holidays in Annecy

With the amazing countryside around Annecy and the range of activities that can be enjoyed, it is not surprising that so many people are taking winter holidays there. Whatever time of year you visit this alpine town, you are sure to find plenty to enjoy and experience there.

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