Why you should use the one-to-one system to learn French?

The one-to-one system always makes good sense when studying a foreign language because of the much better personal tuition offered, but there are other reasons why you should use this system to learn French.

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of students, and assessing what they especially want to accomplish, we offer a programme especially tailored to the needs of anyone enrolled on the course. We focus on four competencies in the French language: oral comprehension and expression and written comprehension and expression. Our teachers will devise teaching materials suited to individual student needs.

But now let us take a more in-depth look at why our system really is the best.


Our IFALPES one-to-one system for learning French is particularly useful for students who want to prepare for interviews, as well as for preparing their CV and presentation letter in the language they are studying. Our course is very important for doing well in these activities that are essential to a successful career. In an interview you are usually talking to just one other person, and so it is in one-to-one French lessons.

If you are already employed, you may need to work on a special project or presentation, and again, our course could help you with this.


Preparing for examinations in the French language, including DELF and DALF, can be helped a lot by personal instruction from a teacher on a one-to-one course. These two exams are for diploma qualifications awarded by the French Ministry of Education, and standards are high, because non-French speakers have to demonstrate their skills in the language they have been learning.

Learn specialised French vocabulary

Many students have specialised vocabulary needs, for example, they need to have a good knowledge of the words and phrases used in the fields of tourism, law, hospitality, and in the medical world. Perhaps a student is about to start a career in one of these areas of employment and wants to get off to a good start. Here too, our one-to-one course instruction will prove invaluable, with teaching materials tailored to a particular student’s needs.


It is not just the vocabulary a student can learn, because its pronunciation too is very important, and this can be practiced and improved. Learning how to say French words in the correct way, is much easier with one-to-one tuition than in a general course with many other students present. A one-to-one teacher can concentrate on helping individual students with their specific needs when it comes to pronunciation, and the same system can be used to focus on writing skills.

Whatever area, you need to improve in your study of French, it is recommended that you take a combination of French Group Intensive lessons or Semi intensive lessons along with one-to-one instruction. In this way you will get to meet a variety of people to talk to and share experiences with in a class environment, as well as being able to hone your skills in French due to individual tuition. What better way to learn could there be?

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