Why should you send your kids to France to learn French? (Part 1)

It probably goes without saying that the best place to learn French is in the country of its origin. This is why you should send your kids to France to learn French, if you want them to become fluent in the language. So, let us take a look at some of the advantages of learning French in France.

Native French Speakers

The most obvious reason why France is the optimum place for your kids to learn French is that they will be in a country where most of the people speak French. Native French speakers are the best to listen to and copy. To do this helps anyone, young or old, to hear how words are pronounced. You can get a ‘feel’ for the language this way too.

The more French a child or young person learning the language hears the better, especially if it is spoken by someone from France, and for whom it is their first language. Learning French from a native speaker is an excellent way of getting the pronunciation right, and also for learning French slang terms that are in common usage. Kids and teenagers like to keep up with the latest trends and fashions, and knowing some slang can be very important to them.


French Friends

If your children are in France they will have plenty of opportunity to make French friends. It can be a wonderful way of learning a language if someone you are friendly with speaks it. Your child’s friend or friends can help teach him or her the words and phrases for how they say things in French, and they can correct them if they make mistakes. When your child leaves France, they can still remain friends and keep in touch with their friends, and maybe make plans for meeting again sometime in future. They can keep practicing their French when talking to their friends who know the language so well.


French Summer Camps

There are French summer camps for teenagers available, as well as learning vacations and French courses for kids and teens aged from 6 to 17. Children and teenagers are able to stay with French families or in campus accommodation. There are many areas of France, such as Paris, Nice and Cannes, where French language vacations can be enjoyed.

French Courses in France

Obviously, you can study French by enrolling in a French course online, or study the language at schools and colleges in many parts of the world, but nevertheless France remains the best place of all. This is why it is a really good idea to send your kids to France if you want them to learn to speak French fluently and just like the people of France do.


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