Why come to Ifalpes Annecy ?

IFALPES will reopen its doors on Monday 4 January 2021 !

Welcome offer: 20% off on courses !

10 excellent reasons to come to IFALPES. And many more !

The 4th of January will be a day of celebration ! The whole team is looking forward to welcoming its learners again who will come to follow a training course in French in 2021. Everything is being done to ensure the best welcome, the best learning, the best activities and all this in a safe environment from a health point of view.

So why come to IFALPES French language school ?

Let’s start by recalling some facts about French :

  1. French is the second most learned foreign language after English.
  2. French, 5th most spoken language in the world
  3. French is the language of international relations. It is both a working language and one of the two official languages at the UN, UNESCO, NATO, the European Union, the International Olympic Committee and the International Red Cross.
  4. French is the official language of more than 30 nations.
  5. French can be a real asset for your professional career.
  6. Speaking French allows you to pursue studies in France in renowned schools and universities throughout the world.
  7. Learning French means discovering an incomparable cultural environment: gastronomy, fashion, architecture, science, etc.
  8. French, known as the language of the “Enlightenment” is the language of the universalist ideals promoted by the philosophers of the Enlightenment, who helped to spread Human Rights throughout the world.
  9. French is a pleasant language to learn.
  10. Learning French also makes it possible to learn other languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian…

What about you? What is your project? And why choose our French school IFALPES ?

Do you want to learn French in a French language school for your studies? For your professional career? Or perhaps simply for pleasure? Our French language school in Annecy has been in existence for nearly 28 years and has welcomed more than 30,000 students of over 100 nationalities!

Its strength lies in several things :

  • A policy focused on the quality of teaching without making any concessions. Our teachers are hand-picked and achieve admirable results in the progress of their students. The objectives set by our learners are massively achieved.
  • A school that mixes many cultures in its classes with broad age ranges. Each learner is placed in a class that corresponds very precisely to their level. This mix is valuable and is extremely appreciated by our learners, whatever their origin, age or study project. By coming to IFALPES, you will learn French with learners from all over the world.
  • Highly effective teaching tools that our learners particularly appreciate using before, during and especially after class. How do we do this? By offering each of our students unlimited access to our e-Learning platform on which we have been working for 5 years now. 400 course modules and more than 5,000 exercises designed to enable you to learn very effectively.
  • At IFALPES, even though we are a French language school, we sometimes use Anglicisms and we have no difficulty in calling ourselves “Student centric”. Yes, all our attention is focused on the well-being of our students because to learn well, you have to be well in your head.
  • A true sense of innovation. Our French school is renowned for its creativity and its ability to innovate. Our pedagogical experts, who have a very strong experience, create themselves the pedagogical contents used in the classes. This means that IFALPES Annecy does not use standard methods. Everything is made to measure so that the teaching content is perfectly adapted to each individual student. At IFALPES Annecy, it is not the learners who adapt to the methods, it is the methods that adapt to the learners. There is nothing better to achieve better results. It should be noted that our teaching method, our teaching tools and our content is recognised by FEI – France Education International which has awarded IFALPES Annecy the FLE Quality label with the highest mark. The content, the tools and the pedagogical progression follow as closely as possible the criteria of the CEFR so that learners can take the French exams (DELF / DALF / TCF) with exceptional results with a 96% pass rate.
  • Many of our learners fall under the spell of this city nicknamed the ”little Venice of the Alps”. Situated in an exceptional setting between lake and mountains, many activities are available all year round (skiing and snowshoeing in winter, water sports, hiking, cycling in summer). Annecy is also a city of history and culture with its castle, the Palais de l’Isle and its numerous churches. Situated 30 minutes from the Swiss border, one hour from Italy and close to major tourist cities such as Lyon and Grenoble, it is easy to take a bus or train to organise a weekend away.
  • The location of IFALPES in Annecy is also ideal. We are located 5 minutes walk from the train and bus station and about 10 minutes from the historic centre and the lake.
  • There are many possibilities for accommodation. IFALPES Annecy has agreements with a large number of accommodation providers, including host families with whom you will be able to enjoy a real immersion experience in order to further optimise your training.

IFALPES Annecy is considered a fantastic French language school by its students !

That’s what’s great about our French language school, all you have to do is come and learn French and above all relax and enjoy a very nice break in your life. We take care of everything, we make sure that you come back with wonderful memories that will make you want to come back to Ifalpes again.
If you are planning to come and learn French, IFALPES Annecy French language school is for you.
To convince you of this, don’t hesitate to spend some time reading the comments that our students are kind enough to leave us on social networks when they leave (read the reviews on our Facebook – read the reviews on Google).

Coming in 2021 to our French language school in Annecy it’s also benefiting from our special offer !

Book your stay between 1st December 2020 and 31st January 2021 and benefit from a great reduction of -20% on your courses in 2021. This is our way of welcoming you !

To benefit from this offer, it’s very easy, just enter the promotional code: BienvenueIFALPES2021 when you register on our website.

See you soon in France, in Annecy, at IFALPES !

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