Why Annecy is one of the best places to learn French

If you want to learn French then France is obviously the best choice of countries for this, and Annecy in the French Alps is one of the best places to study the language. There are many reasons why you should choose this town with its historic buildings, canals like Venice and stunning countryside surrounding it. So let’s take a look at why Annecy is such an excellent location to study French.

French Language School

One of the main reasons is that here in Annecy we are proud to have our own Ifalpes French Language school. We offer a variety of courses, including intensive immersion programmes and classes that are combined with Business Studies in French. We provide accommodation for students as well, and it is possible to live with a French family or to choose an apartment for your stay in Annecy. The first of these options is ideal for helping you learn the language and seeing up close how local people live.

Cultural Activities in Annecy

In addition to our courses in French, we offer a wide range of cultural and leisure activities that we have organised in the Annecy area so students can meet local people, experience life in a French town and have fun. There are visits to the cinema and theatre, festivals, sporting events, and hiking. Going to see a film in French is a great way of learning the language and finding out more about the culture of France.

We also have a working arrangement with Annecy’s theatre, which is known as Theatre Bonlieu. As is the case with trips to the cinema, going to the theatre offers a chance to learn about the culture of France and to take part in an activity that is popular with French people. When you watch a film or play in French, as well as increasing your vocabulary from the words you will be hearing, listening to how the language is spoken will help improve your pronunciation.

As well as visits to the theatre and cinema, there are also trips to other alpine villages and towns, such as Chamonix, which is a well-known resort for skiing. We also arrange visits to Lyon and Geneva. Enjoying a picnic on the shores of Lake Annecy is another leisure activity our students can take part in.

We offer cooking lessons that are run in partnership with the French cooking school Cuisine Originelle. Learning about French cookery helps introduce you to many words for cooking ingredients and the kitchen utensils used to prepare dishes that are popular in France.

Taking part in the daily life and leisure activities of the people of a town in France is an ideal way of learning French. This is why getting out and about in and around Annecy is a marvellous way of hearing French being spoken, coming across signs and information to read in the language, and, of course, for opportunities to practice speaking it when chatting with local people.

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