Vocabulary and expressions of Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentin

Vocabulary and expressions of Valentine’s Day

February 14th is Valentine’s Day! On this occasion, Ifalpes invites you to discover some useful vocabulary for lovers’ day !

Vocabulary :

Un cœur

Un bouquet de fleurs

Un baiser / un bisous / s’embrasser

Des chocolats

Un dîner en amoureux

Expressions :

“Avoir des papillons dans le ventre” : An expression to talk about the feeling of being in love

“Avoir le coeur qui bat la chamade” : To have the heart beating because of the attraction to another person

“Avoir le béguin pour quelqu’un” : Being attracted to someone

“Avoir un ticket” : To please someone

“Conter fleurette à quelqu’un” : talking to someone to try to seduce them

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