Our tips to improve your French! In your country and in France!

As we want your level of French to be the best possible, our teachers tell you all their secrets!

In your country…

Listen! Discover French TV series or films with French subtitles, listen to French radio online (RFI, France Inter, France Culture) and French music.

Speak! Find French speakers near you and take advantage of language exchanges.

Sing! Read the lyrics and sing them at the same time: very useful for pronunciation and to work on rhythm and connections.

During your stay in France …

Speak! Forget your phone and talk to people! Ask your way, the time, good restaurant addresses… etc and do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Enjoy! Good French products, you will have conversation topics to discuss with French people, they love to talk about cooking and their favourite dishes and recipes.

Write! Each day write down your impressions in a travel diary, describing the people you meet and your activities. Find the translation of a new word each day and write it down in your notebook.

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