One-to-One and combined courses

IFALPES offers one-to-one lessons and a combined formula (group lessons plus one-to-one lessons).

One-to-one lessons enable you to work on specific areas and are designed around your specific needs and expectations. Your teacher adapts the lesson content to your needs, helping, advising and correcting in a totally personalised manner.

Combined Formula:

In addition to the Intensive course, you will have the choice between 4, 6, 8 or 10 one-to-one lessons per week (one lessons is 45 minutes but you can do several in a row).

This formula lets you work on specific areas and meets your needs and expectations (enriching your vocabulary, improving grammar, phonetics…).

This formula is also adapted to students learning French for professional reasons (medicine, the hospitality industry, business French, diplomacy, job interviews, TCF or TEF, DFP…).

Thanks to the IFALPES e-learning platform, even if you choose one-to-one lessons you will be able to exchange with other students and ask questions to your teacher.

IFALPES requests students who book one-to-one lessons to send their special needs before arrival so that our teachers have time to prepare carefully the one-to-one lessons.

It goes without saying that our IFALPES teachers are all very well trained and enthusiastic. But they also have many different fields of interest and experiences which enables IFALPES to choose the most appropriate teacher to each student’s expectations.

If you are hesitating between group lessons which allow you to exchange with other students and one-to-one lessons tailored to your specific needs, the IFALPES Combined Course is THE solution for you!

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