Midsummer Music Festival in Annecy in 2016

The usually quiet and peaceful town of Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps gets into festival mood for the Annecy Music Festival 2016, or “Fête de la Musique”, as it is called in French.

On 21 June, the town’s neighbourhoods come alive to the sound of all sorts of music at this midsummer celebration, and all concerts will be free of charge and are due to start from 17.00pm and onward into the night.

35th edition with 18 Concert stages

For this, its 35th edition of the Annecy Music Festival, the town will have as many as 18 concert stages at various locations where musical performances will be taking place. You might be thinking that a historic place like Annecy, situated up in the mountains of the French Alps and dating back to medieval times, would stick to traditional and folk music, but you would be very wrong, because at the Annecy Music Festival 2016 there will be a real variety of styles being played. The Beauty The World Makes Us Hope For are a post-rock band from Annecy that were formed in 2009 and have, not surprisingly, appeared at the Annecy Music Festival.

Pop, rock, country and western, reggae, world music, tango, jazz, electronic, and hip-hop are all on the menu, as well as classical music and songs sung by choirs. This year’s Annecy Music Festival will cater for fans of all sorts of different types of music, with music from the past and really up to date music from the present. This ties in well with what is happening throughout France on the same day because a big national festival is taking place to celebrate World Music Day. This was originally launched on the initiative of Jack Lang, French Minister of Culture, back in 1982, and over 30 years later is still going strong. Nowadays this international musical event is celebrated in as many as 700 cities in 120 countries all around the world. Both amateur and professional musicians are encouraged to perform their music on this very special day.

Attending a music festival in France is, of course, a good way to learn and practice the French language, because many songs will be sung in French, and it is spoken by the local people of Annecy. You can also take courses in French at our Ifalpes school situated in the town and this is an excellent opportunity for really learning the language. Visitors to Annecy will find plenty of choice of accommodation with a range of hotels, though it is a good idea to book in advance because the town is sure to be very busy when the Annecy Music Festival is on. This is certainly a great time in the year to really see Annecy at its best with music, dance, song and celebration!

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