Learn French with YouTube now!

Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning French

YouTube is an excellent site for finding videos on any subjects you are interested in, and this makes it a great place for discovering all sorts of information. Languages can be studied with the help of YouTube videos, and French is a good example of a language you can learn about on this popular site. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 YouTube channels for learning French.

1. Learn French with Vincent

Vincent is a French teacher with his own YouTube channel, and he will teach you thousands of phrases, as well as vocabulary, grammar and the correct pronunciation. He aims to take you from being a beginner in the language all the way to becoming an advanced French speaker. Listening to French is an excellent way of learning, and when viewing Vincent’s videos you can hear him speaking French. Vincent has another website where you can find out all about his services, and he is also offering lessons via Skype.

2. JeFrench

JeFrench is second on our list of YouTube channels that come highly recommended if you want to learn French. This site’s slogan is: “Learn French With Us…It’s Fun!” Having fun is always an aid and attraction to learning. The mini-lessons JeFrench offer cover all the basics of the language, and are easy to follow with recognisable images illustrating the subjects covered in their videos.

3. Radio Lingua Network

Radio Lingua features Coffee Break Conversations between Mark the teacher and a student, as well as “Walk, Talk and Learn French” lessons with Pierre-Benoît filmed in various locations around Paris. These Radio Lingua videos work well because you are watching people talking at a normal speed for speaking in French, and the lessons are showing a variety of situations and places in the French capital.

4. Learn French with Alexa

Alexa is billed as “YouTube’s most awesome French teacher,”  and she offers a large selection of YouTube videos that include many interesting topics, such as French tongue-twisters and French greetings, as well as a series of lessons she calls “French Essentials”. Alexa talks directly to camera and you will soon get to know her friendly face as your online YouTube French teacher.

5. FrenchPod101

FrenchPod101 is a very popular YouTube video channel for learning French, and with good reason. FrenchPod101 has a very large selection of videos on so many different subjects that are important if you want a very balanced knowledge of the language. There are videos covering the use of adjectives, there is one that explains three ways of saying you love someone in French, and even a video all about French superstitions. The very slick presentations are in English and French.

Whatever YouTube channels you choose to help you learn French you will find them invaluable if you are already taking a French course but want to do some further studying when you are away from class. As long as you have access to the Internet you can tune in to your favourite YouTube French teacher anywhere and at any time.

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