Lake Annecy is ideal for Water Sports

Annecy is a popular tourist destination located in the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps, and one of its main attractions is Lake Annecy.

This lake is surrounded by mountains and forests making it very picturesque, and it is also very clean, making it ideal for many water sports, including swimming and diving.

Whatever activities you might like to enjoy at Lake Annecy, the town itself provides a wonderful location for studying and practicing French because here we have our own French Language School. Annecy is an excellent location for taking part in watersports, and also for learning the language of France.

Lake Annecy beaches

Lake Annecy has as many as 11 beaches which provide easy access to its turquoise waters, as well as providing a great place for relaxing on its shores. These beaches do charge an admittance fee but it is well worth it because they have lifeguards on hand to make sure all swimmers are safe.

The beaches are monitored from 1 July until the end of August. The water of Lake Annecy can reach 24°C in summer so it is a really good place for bathing and paddling. Albigny Beach is the largest beach and is very popular.

Diving in Lake Annecy

Diving is a popular water sport in Lake Annecy. Of course, you need the right diving equipment, and visibility in the lake varies depending on the time of year, but it has some very interesting dive sites, including a shipwreck, known as Le France. It was the last paddle boat that sailed on Lake Annecy. It mysteriously sank on the night of 12 to 13 March in 1971 after it had fallen out of use. It sank to a depth of 42 metres and only Level 3 professional scuba divers are recommended for diving down to see it. In addition to scuba diving, Lake Annecy also provides a great location for snorkelling.

Boating and kayaking

Boating and kayaking are popular activities that can be enjoyed on Lake Annecy. It is possible to rent kayaks and boats for use on the lake. Sailing is another possibility. Lake Annecy is suitable for catamarans, dinghies, traditional sailing, and for windsurfing. It is 14.5km long and has north and south winds prevailing for the length of this freshwater lake in the Alps.

Waterskiing on Lake Annecy

Water Skiing is another watersport Lake Annecy offers, and you can also enjoy Wakeboarding and wakesurfing on the lake. If you are a beginner, it is easy to find instructors to help you with these sporting activities.

Lake Annecy for Naturalists

Besides the range of watersports available on Lake Annecy, naturalists and bird-watchers will enjoy spotting swans, ducks and other water birds that can be seen on and around the lake.  You might spot a great crested grebe if you are lucky.

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