Hiking and the french language

At Ifalpes we guide you to take advantage of the region we live in through the discovery of  different walking and hiking routesRhone Alpes, where Annecy lies, both in the summer and the winter offers places and paths that we suggest you not to miss.

Read the 5 reasons why you should take the chance now!

1-At Ifalpes, all the excursions are guided by a certified mountain guide, Philippe.

He takes his time to guide us through the walking and hiking paths while pointing out flora, fauna and curiosities linked to the place we are visiting.

 2- Philippe kindly refuses to speak any other language but French, giving you the opportunity of living an authentic experience on the french mountains

3- Not all the walking and hiking routes are exhausting!

You don’t need to be a pro sportive person: some paths are just balades, you just need to pick up the ones that suits to your current physical shape 😉

4- «Aprés l’effort le reconfort»

It’s the usual french way of saying that means you should be rewarded after any effort undertaken. Well, in this case the reward it’s usually a french sandwich eaten up on a mountain and we think it’s a pretty sweet reward!

5- At the end of the hiking, your whole experience in France will be enriched, you’ll feel more confident in the nature and you’ll maybe be up organising your own walking or hiking excursion

with your family or friends coming over to visit you. And this time you could be their guide!

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