High Five Festival in Annecy

The International Freeski Film Festival (IF3) has been held annually in Montreal at the end of September. Like its name suggests, it is an event that features films about skiing.

Another version of this prestigious festival has also been staged in Annecy in the French Alps since 2010, but its name has been changed to the High Five Festival. Organised by the Like That Agency, the name High Five was chosen for the festival as a symbol of unity and friendship in the world skiing community. The idea behind the festival was to screen the best of freeskiing films, and to celebrate the skiing culture on a world platform. The High Five Festival has succeeded in these aims.

The Winter Cannes Festival

This festival brings together filmmakers, film fans, ski brands and skiing enthusiasts from all over the world, all drawn together by their love for the winter sport of skiing. The High Five Festival has become so well respected in the world of film that it has been nicknamed the “Winter Cannes Film Festival.” In 2016, the event will run from 30 September to the 2 October, and it is a good idea to book your ticket in advance. This popular gathering attracts visitors from all over the world.

Besides the screenings of movies about freeskiing, you will find many more ways of enjoying the event. Every year there are big parties celebrated to open and close the High Five Festival.

About the Like That Agency

The Like That Agency, which is organising the High Five Festival, has made its name by running many more important events, including the IF3 Europe, the Rock On Snowboard Tour and the Kumi Yama.  The business was originally set up in 2008 by Gaylord Pedretti, a sports enthusiast from Serre-Chevalier, who gained a lot of very valuable experience as a member of the Groupe Deux Alpes Loisirs. Since its Inception, the Like That Agency has become widely recognised for its work in staging events like those mentioned, and its success has been recognised with the signing of a contract with MacEarth  group from Japan.

Arrival in Annecy

There are many ways of getting to Annecy. Many people choose to make their journey by car, but by train is another very popular way of getting to the alpine town. In fact, trains with Eurostar will take you all the way from London to Annecy via Paris. For film festival-goers, the cinema is conveniently near the station. However, you choose to get to Annecy, you will find plenty to see and do there, and, being in France, makes it an ideal location for speaking and learning French. Annecy is proud of its French Language School, which makes a wonderful place to study the language properly. With festivals, such as the High Five, Annecy is a resort town where you can easily combine learning with pleasure!

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