French Summer Camp: do it in France!

Go to France for French Summer Camps

If you are thinking of taking part in a French summer camp or sending your son or daughter to one, the best choice for this is in France. There are summer camps in French in Switzerland, in Canada, and even in Miami and New York City in America, and whilst they might well help teach the French language they will not be able to provide the experience of what it is like to actually live in France. This is why when you are booking a place in a French summer camp, you should do it in France. You would miss out on authentic French culture and being able to see some of the sights and countryside of France on a summer camp in French located in another country.

French Summer Camps for Children and Teenagers

Most French summer camps are organised for children and teenagers, with an age range from 8-17 being typical. In France these camps are usually called “colonie de vacances” or, in recent years, they have become known as “centre de vacances.” They aim to provide a place where kids and teens can have fun whilst learning the French language in a truly French environment, and with people of their own age group. These camps are held in many locations in France, including Annecy, Cannes, Nice and Paris. French summer camps are attended by a lot of French children, as well as children from other countries. This helps the kids who do not have French as their first language, because they are likely to make friends with children from France who can help them learn new words and phrases.

Accommodation can be provided on the campus or with French families. French summer camps are approved by the government of France and offer high standards, including the safety of the young people attending the camps. Parents can rest assured that their children will be looked after well, and that they are likely to make a lot of progress in learning French whilst staying at a French summer camp.

French Summer Camps and Courses for Adults

The summer holidays offer working adults a chance to take a break from their usual routine and at the same time to learn the French language. There are summer camps and French courses, as well as immersion programmes available in France for adults as well as for children and teenagers. Many people taking their holidays in France like to take the opportunity of learning the French language while they are away from home. It is easy today to see the incredible countryside of France and to learn the language of the country whilst enjoying a holiday at the same time.

The French Alps provide stunning scenery for walking in and mountains to climb, whilst alpine towns like Annecy are ideal places to stay. Summer is a perfect time to visit Annecy and because of the great range of activities on offer there it has even been described as a “summer camp for the whole family!” Here at IFalpes we have a French Language School in which you can enrol to study French, whilst also enjoying many of the other delights of being in France.

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