French Immersion: the way to study in 2017

Immersion is the name for a very popular way of studying a language, and it means that classes in other subjects are delivered in the language you are learning and not in your native tongue. You are “immersed” in the language you are hoping to learn and cannot get away from it.  

An excellent method of learning French in 2017 is by taking part in a French immersion course where the emphasis is focused on speaking only in the language you are studying. When French is all you get to hear and use for speech, you are far more likely to learn it.

Why French Immersion in 2017

The world is changing fast and with the continuing economic crisis any skills we can learn that are of advantage in pursuing our careers are well worth gaining. One such skill is the ability to speak French. Fluency in the language can open many doors when it comes to job opportunities in France. French is a very important European language when it comes to the modern business world. This is why taking a French immersion course in 2017 is a wise decision to make.

Other Benefits of French Immersion

A French immersion course has other benefits too, in addition to giving you an advantage with job opportunities. The understanding of the language that is gained through learning French this way leads to a far greater appreciation of the culture of France.

How to get “Immersed”

In an immersion course one of the best ways to benefit from it is by listening to how French is spoken and then remembering how to use the language yourself. You learn the correct pronunciation for the words and because you are taking a French immersion course you only get to talk to your teachers and fellow students in the French language.

Immersion Programme in the French Alps

Here at Ifalpes, we set up a super intensive study programme at our school  in the French Alps. Our super intensive classes are for 30 hours per week and are suitable for students of college age and older. There are also shorter courses available but the more you study the better the results that you can expect to get.

We have a French language school in the town of Annecy, in the Haute-Savoie region of France. The town is steeped in history and provides the perfect location for learning French and using it. As Annecy is a middle size town, it is easier to mingle with friendly locals.

Cultural and Social Activities

Keeping you immersed in French culture away from the classroom also, of course, helps you learn more French and provides opportunities for you to hear the language, read the language, and most importantly, to speak the language. At Ifalpes we organise many local social and cultural activities that students can enjoy. Activities include hiking trips, visits to the theatre, sporting events, travelling to neighbouring villages, and picnics by Lake Annecy.

In 2017, we will be continuing to offer our students the opportunity of taking part in this sort of activity. Students can really experience what it is like living in France, and they get to meet French people and learn their language.

Sharing everyday life with a French family

For a full immersion programme, Ifalpes also offer accommodation at the homes of French families. Staying with a real French family is much better than being booked into a hotel or other form of accommodation if you want to learn about France and to become fluent in its language.

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