French for professionals

As you know, our E-Learning platform is an essential tool for learning French at Ifalpes. It is used on a daily basis :

  • by our students: whether online or on site, all our students enrolled in our group courses have unlimited access to our platform. They can continue to learn and improve their French independently by following one of the 500 modules offered. Each user benefits from personalised coaching and can ask any questions they wish.
  • by our teachers : whether in class or as homework, teachers use the platform as a complementary tool. They find a lot of exercises to give in class. They can also propose on the platform personalised courses adapted to each student according to his/her mistakes and needs. Ideal for effective and rapid progress !

The E-Learning platform is therefore a complement to our courses which can be very powerful if it is well used, which is the case at IFALPES of course 😊

In order to improve and enrich its content, we regularly update our platform by adding new modules and exercises.

The new modules ‘French for professionals’ !

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that new modules on French for professionals are now available

”French for professionals” some details to understand better…

This involves the addition of modules on themes related to specific professions and professional sectors : medical French, business French, French and cooking, French for diplomacy.

Approximately ten modules will soon be available for each of these professional categories. These include :

  • oral understanding
  • Reading understanding
  • authentic documents
  • specific lexicon cards
  • grammar sheets for use in context
  • picture books…

‘French for professionnals’ for whom ?

These modules have been developed for all our students who wish to :

  • learn French for professional or academic reasons,
  • settle in France and integrate into the French labour market, 
  • do an internship in a French or Francophone company 

Of course, these modules will be accessible to all. Any student registered on the platform will be able to follow them if he/she wants to 😃

At the moment, only some of the modules are available, but we will be adding more each week so that all of them will be available within two months.



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