French for Beginners

If you are a full beginner in French, the best course to start with is the INTENSIVE FRENCH COURSE:

20 group lessons of 45 minutes each = 15 hours of classes per week

The goal of this course is to provide you with the vocabulary and grammar essential to communicate in French by working on the five skills necessary for learning a language:

  • oral comprehension
  • oral production
  • oral interaction
  • written comprehension
  • written production

To reach these goals (interaction based on daily life and the news, sharing experiences and opinions), our teachers use a wide variety of teaching aids and the latest digital technology and computer equipment, while introducing you to the cultural and social specificities of France and the French-speaking world and to major themes in current events. Every week, IFALPES provides you with an assessment test so that you can measure your progress and memorise the main points of the week’s lessons.Be careful, there are specific dates when full beginners can start their French Course (usually on the first Monday of each month).

No matter what your mother tongue is, you will improve your French day by day and become more confident.Our e-learning platform will also help you a lot by doing different exercises, writing in French, learning new grammar points, working on your oral and written comprehension, discovering new things posted by the IFALPES teaching team.

We suggest you stay at a host family, you will improve your French even faster then as you can exchange with them, particularly at mealtimes. After a few weeks doing the Intensive Course, when you feel more comfortable, why not switch to our Super-Intensive Course in order to get the most out of your stay in France?

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