French Cuisine Courses in Annecy

That « Art de vivre à la français » means, along with many other facets, appreciating fancy food, it comes without much of a surprise. Nonetheless, when it’s a French school that includes a French patisserie class as part of its learning method, and when this school it’s us, IFALPES -French School of the Alps- we become proud of explaining the three reasons of its success.

French cuisine courses are organized twice a month: each Atelier de patisserie is dedicated to a different French dessert that can be easily prepared in one hour and a half by the IFALPES students (who most of the times are debutants) and still-in most of the cases- be edible.

1 The real French

As Ifalpes, we are very concerned with the so called communicative and colloquial approach of teaching French as a foreign language. The philosophy is then well reflected in our kitchens, where the pastry chef who coordinates the group always makes sure that the only spoken language while cooking is French.Although in class students are leveled by their knowledge, here, people who would still switch to their mother tongue when ordering food at the restaurant can find themselves in pair with students who already master the language. And there is when “crêpes, tartes, briochesandcroissantsmeetgout, deliciéux et fraiche”.

2 The chef

As mentioned, it is a specialist who coordinates the classes. Naomi Walker dedicates her life to teaching not only how to make the best pains au chocolat, but also to give insights on the whole philosophy of the façon maison way of consuming food. She believes that the way we eat is the way we are and that therefore we should “savoir écouter notre corpsand adapt our food habits accordingly.

3 Easy, delicious… à refaire

The students are invited to join the IFALPES kitchen, where all the tools and ingredients are provided. Their job is just to get their fingers on the pie with a tupperware to bring their creations home. On the kitchen tables they will already find a copy of the recipe of the dessert of the day that they can keep so to practice again at home.

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