College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) Conference in Annecy

Annecy is a peaceful town situated high in the French Alps in the Haute-Savoie region. It is a destination that regularly attracts many visitors from around the world, making it a wonderful location to host the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) Conference this year.

A great place to learn French

Annecy is a wonderful location for anyone who wants to learn French, because where better could there be to learn this language than in France, which is where the town is? Annecy has its own French Language School run by IFALPESthe Institut Français des Alpes. Here students start using French on day one of the course, and the study program is an intensive one so as to make sure that those enrolled on it really learn the language. IFALPES is teamed up with the CCIS Conference to help foreign students learn French while they are in Annecy.

Students for the French courses come from all over the world and are not just American and British students.

IFALPES, which has received official accreditation from the French Ministry of Education, also organises many cultural and leisure activities in Annecy and the surrounding area. This means that students can have fun while at the same time they can interact with local people and practice using the French they have been learning.

CCIS Conference 2016

The CCIS Conference 2016 is going to be held at the Best Western Hotelwhich is a hotel in Annecy’s town centre, making it easy to find. The hotel is offering a special reduced rate for CCIS Conference attendees who wish to book rooms and use the hotel’s services.

Why Annecy is such a great location

Annecy is such a wonderful location, and not just for learning French or attending conferences, but for taking an exciting and memorable holiday. The town has so much to offer in the way of sights to see and things to do. There is Lake Annecy, which is famous for having really clean water and is where many water sports can be enjoyed. This lake is the source of the Thiou River which divides into canals in Annecy, and because of this the town has been nicknamed the “Venice of the Alps.”

There are castles and museums in Annecy that are tourist attractions, and the town is surrounded by mountains and forests which can be explored. Annecy has many cycling trails too and is a wonderful place for keeping fit whilst enjoying the benefits of the French alpine air and scenery.

Getting to Annecy

Whether you are coming to Annecy for a holiday or to attend the CCIS Conference and to learn French, you will need to know how to get there. Annecy can be reached by bus from nearby Geneva in Switzerland. Geneva has an international airport, as does Lyon, which is a bit further away. Annecy has a train station with trains from Paris and Lyon. There are many reasons for coming to Annecy and it is easy enough to get there!

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