Best websites to learn French

Perhaps you are enrolled on a French course but would like a way of getting additional help with your studies in your free time? There is plenty of really useful information available on the Internet, so let us take a look at some of the best websites to consult if you are learning the French language. is an aptly named website. It offers free tests, hundreds of exercises and lessons, a club with over 40,000 French-speaking members, instant translation from French to English, games, and many more features to help you learn the language of France. You can also find French pen-pals here, and there is no doubt that friends who are fluent in the language, or perhaps learning it too, are invaluable, because you can practise your French on them.

Learn French at the BBC

The BBC may be very British but it is also an excellent place to study French online. It offers a Guide to French that includes 10 interesting French language facts, key phrases you need to know, and details of the French alphabet and what its accents mean. Learning about the accents is important so you know how to pronounce French words correctly. French phrases are presented in audio form too, so you can hear how they are pronounced. There are games and exercises, vocabulary and grammar, as well as video presentations for beginners. The BBC website provides help with studying School French with a guide to GCSE French and Standard Grade French. On the BBC site there are a number of useful links to French websites you might like to explore, including recommendations for accessing French news on TV and radio.


Duolingo offers “bite-sized French lessons,” and is “100% free, fun and science-based.” This site teaches Parisian French but points out that if you learn the version of the language used in the capital of France, you will be easily understood by French-speakers throughout the world. You can create your own profile and sign in using Google or Facebook.

French online for free

Another good website for learning French for free is, which offers two main courses teaching French to beginners, as well as Intermediate French. This site has quizzes to test your knowledge of French, and you can learn some French slang and idioms, as well as discovering some popular French songs.

French Language at Wikipedia

The Wikipedia site for the French Language is a wonderful source of information too. Besides a lot of interesting facts, you will find a great selection of commonly used words and phrases, along with explanations of when they are used and the pronunciation. Wikibooks provide an excellent resource for learning French, as well as learning about French history and culture. There are lessons in four levels, which include subjects as varied as the family, the weather, recreation, going out, rural life, current events and modern France. You can also brush up on your grammar and increase your vocabulary, and for many French words there is an audio file you can play to hear the pronunciation.

From the selection of sites detailed above, you will see that there are plenty of opportunities for studying the language of France online. If you have a computer and Internet access it is easy enough to improve your fluency in French.

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