Annecy Lake Festival in August

The popular tourist destination of Annecy in the Haute-Savoie area of the French Alps adds to its many attractions every year with its Lake Festival that is held in August. Lake Annecy makes the perfect setting for this colourful annual event, and this year it takes place on Saturday 6 August.

The Annecy Lake Festival, or Fete du Lac Annecy, which is held on the Bay of Albigny, features an impressive firework display with the backdrop of the lake and mountains being ideal for such an impressive pyrotechnic show that lasts for an incredible 1 hour and 10 minutes of sparkling delights and glittering fountains of light.

Lake Annecy Fireworks

Music, lighting and special effects combine with the fireworks to create a truly magical display in the night sky over Lake Annecy and as many as 200,000 spectators can assemble on the shores of the lake to enjoy the spectacular show. Traditionally held on the first Saturday in the month of August, the Annecy Lake Festival has been held annually for over 100 years and has been called “the largest fireworks show in Europe.”  The event has different themes each year that add to its appeal. And it is not just at Lake Annecy where the festival is happening, because music and celebration can be expected throughout the town on this magical summer night of merriment and wonder.

The Annecy Lake Festival festival has its origins way back in 1860 when a celebration was held in honour of Napoleon III who had come to Annecy. The town’s Quai Napoleon III is another reminder of this famous leader in the history of France.

Access to the Annecy Lake Festival

The point of access for the Annecy Lake Festival is the lakeside park known as Le Pâquier, and there are carparks for the many vehicles that bring spectators to the event. There are many hotels in Annecy too, if you are looking for accommodation for your stay.

“Pyroconcerts” in the Bay of Taillores

Later in the same month on 24 August, and following on from the Annecy Lake Festival, the nearby resort town of Taillores also holds a spectacular nighttime event known as the Pyroconcert of Taillores. This festival has been taking place every summer too and combines the pyrotechnics of firework displays over the lake with concerts of jazz and classical music played by professional musicians. Music, dancing, singing and theatre are all part of the performances staged at this exciting event. Summer nights with festivals in and around Annecy are very pleasurable and will give you many happy memories.

There are many more festivals and celebrations that take place in Annecy and the surrounding areas of the Haute-Savoie region of the Alps, and because all of these events are taking place in France it means there are plenty of great opportunities for using and practising the French language. Here in Annecy we are proud to have our own Ifalpes French Language School where you can take courses while staying in the town and enjoying its many attractions.

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