7 tips to meet french people during your stay at IFALPES

  1. Stroll on the local marketplaces and flee markets of the town and ask questions to the merchants, talk to the local shopkeepers everyday.
  2. Participate in language exchange events organised in several places of the city center: French/ English, French/ Spanish, French/ Italian or French/ German: you will have fun and productive conversations with native French speakers.
  3. Choose accommodation at a French host family.
  4. Go out in the many bars of the city center: in general, asking for someone’s opinion on a non-personal topic: travel, sports, music, movies, environment is always a good way to start a conversation.
  5. Ask people for help in the street rather than use your smartphone.
  6. Participate in the many activities proposed by IFALPES: for example when IFALPES organises a special evening in a bar: it is a good opportunity to meet up with IFALPES students but with some French people too.
  7. Go on practicing your favourite sport with French people in Annecy in the many sport clubs of the town, and attend sporting events together.

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