0 French: Where should I start?

Your knowledge and experience of French amounts to zero, at least, that’s what it seems like, but you have decided you really want to learn the language. So you ask yourself: where should I start? Learning a few phrases for beginners in French, and some vocabulary would be an excellent starting point.

French phrases for beginners

You have a look at some websites for learning French and you buy a teach-yourself French book, and you soon come to the realisation that maybe you do know some French after all.

The word bonjour, meaning “hello,” for example, is a word you have heard so many times in films about France. Being able to greet someone in French is very important, and you might even know Au revoir, to say goodbye. Phrases like these in basic French are often used in plays, television dramas and in movies to make characters and settings seem more authentic.

French Films and TV

You also realise that you know the words Monsieur and Madame, which are the words you use when politely addressing a French man and woman. “Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday”, a 1953 classic film by Jacques Tati, even uses the word Monsieur in its title. The more you think about it, the more French words you find you do know, or at the very least have heard them being used, perhaps on the TV or at the cinema.

Watching films in French is another way to help you learn. You can see French movies with subtitles so you are sure to understand what is going on. Just hearing French words being spoken a lot helps your ear get used to the sounds of the language, and this is very important when it comes to listening to French speakers and to be able to pronounce the words correctly.

Learning French online

Realising that you do already know a small amount of French after all you may find encourages you to take the next step. There are websites where you can learn French for free, and probably better ones where you pay to learn. These are methods you can use to improve your command of the language.

French Courses

Probably the very best way of learning French is to enroll on a course at a French Language School, and where better could there be than at a school in France? Studying French in the country where it originated will also teach you about the culture of the people of France. You can practice your command of the language by speaking to local people for whom French is their native tongue. You can take part in local activities, including sports, and in events, such as festivals. Visiting places of interest in France is another great way to learn and practice the language whilst learning about the country at the same time. You can do all of this in the charming alpine town of Annecy where we have a school that teaches French, so why not find out more about our Ifalpes School General French Courses?

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