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IFALPES Annecy (Institut Français des Alpes) is a French as a foreign language school in the KLF (Keep Learning French) network.

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Our French courses

The French courses given at Institut Français des ALPES are taught by our native and experienced French speaking teachers. In your classes, you will be with students of the same level from all over the world giving a warm atmosphere very conducive to learning.

At IFALPES Annecy, like other KLF schools, you have the flexibility to customize your French course based on your goals, needs, and preferences. Enjoy small group settings and diverse international classes.

French courses

Our courses provide you with the essential lexical and grammatical tools to communicate in French.
The five skills necessary to acquire a language are: oral comprehension, oral production, oral interaction, written comprehension and written production.

Exam preparation courses

Prepare and take your French exam. Our qualified teachers will prepare you for the DELF/DALF, or TCF, the most widely recognised French exams in the world.
Indispensable for entering French higher education or for your professional career. Our school is also an exam center for the TCF.

French and thematic courses

Combine French lessons by practicing a cultural, artistic or physical activity.
Take advantage of our exceptional destination to combine your French classes with skiing, hiking, and water activities on Lake Annecy…
We offer many themes to satisfy all of you your interests.

Private lesson in French

To deepen your learning even further, you work one-to-one with a teacher who will allow you to progress at your own pace and according to your specific needs.
We offer French for specific purposes, French for university purposes, professional French, French for exams…

Welcome to IFALPES

Located just a 10-minute walk from Lake Annecy in the French Alps, our school in the heart of Annecy offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains 🏔️ 

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The school is conveniently situated within walking distance of Annecy station, as well as a variety of restaurants, cafes, and the picturesque scenes along Le Tiou River. Since 1992, IFALPES has been providing an exceptional multicultural learning experience to more than 700 international students from 5 continents each year. Our recently renovated and spacious center features fully equipped classrooms, high-speed internet access, a relaxation area, garden, cafeteria, resource room, and accessible facilities for students with disabilities.

IFALPES is renowned worldwide as a premier French language school, and many of our students choose to return to us year after year.

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Discover Annecy - The Little Venice of the Alps

A jewel in the heart of the alps

Annecy, a charming and peaceful town in the French Alps, often referred to as the “Little Venice of the Alps” due to its picturesque canals, historic landmarks, and romantic atmosphere, attracts visitors from around the world.

A natural and refreshing destination

Annecy, a natural and refreshing destination, is nestled between the lake and mountains, offering an exceptional natural environment. With its pristine lake and accessible beaches, it is the perfect place to cool off after French lessons.

A vast area for sport, pleasure and relaxation

Annecy provides a wide range of sports and leisure activities, including hiking, paragliding, sailing, water-skiing, cycling, and winter sports, with famous ski resorts in close proximity.

A region rich in culture and tradition

Annecy is a region rich in culture and tradition, with lively theaters, cinemas, concert halls, major events like the Venetian Carnival and the International Animation Film Festival, and the spectacular Fête du Lac showcasing a mesmerizing sound and light show.

A gourmet city

Annecy is renowned for its gastronomy, offering a delightful array of bars, restaurants, and cafés where you can savor the French art of living, particularly through local cheese dishes like Raclette, Tartiflette, and Fondue, catering to various budgets and tastes.

Student Testimonials
Alaa K <br> Iraq 🇮🇶
Alaa K
Iraq 🇮🇶
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A great french language school, they support students in everything they need from when they arrive to the city.
 A great atmosphere in the school, professional french teachers and perfect learning methods.
Personally, i have a great experience with IFALPS and i would like to register again whenever needed
Needa E C C <br> Peru 🇵🇪
Needa E C C
Peru 🇵🇪
Read More
I studied at IFALPES for 6 months, which was an incredible experience!! I was able to learn and improve my French to continue my studies at university. I can say it's top notch! At the same time, I met friends with whom I am still in contact.
 The atmosphere is friendly, especially the teachers and administrative staff are very friendly and attentive. In addition you learn French with a dynamic method, there are always different activities.
Thank you and long may it continue!
Silvana Tadic <br> Swiss 🇨🇭
Silvana Tadic
Swiss 🇨🇭
Read More
J'ai passé un excellent séjour à Annecy! Il y a beaucoup d'endroits à découvrir dans la vieille ville et au bord du lac. L'école organise chaque week-end un voyage dans une ville voisine. Le personnel d'IFALPES s'efforce également d'offrir beaucoup d'activités. Les leçons sont très variées, les professeurs sont amicaux et courtois. Pendant les pauses, vous avez la possibilité d'échanger avec les autres étudiants sur les différents niveaux linguistiques et culturels. Il y a une atmosphère très agréable à l'intérieur et l'extérieur du bâtiment scolaire.
Irina E <br> Germany 🇩🇪
Irina E
Germany 🇩🇪
Read More
The best school to study French as a foreign language at the foot of the Alps, one of the most picturesque places in the world.
Ifalpes really helped me to improve my level of French, adapt to French life and also to pass my exam.
Life at Ifalpes is full of cultural discoveries and small gastronomic surprises.
The moments spent here in a very friendly and convivial atmosphere were unforgettable. I was sorry that I had to leave.
 I strongly recommend
Constanza M <br> Colombia 🇨🇴
Constanza M
Colombia 🇨🇴
Read More
Ifalpes is a wonderful school! The teachers combine games, oral expression activities, grammar in a very pleasant way. You can meet friends from several countries and so you can share not only the learning of French but also the social activities that are organized by the school. The administrative staff is always ready to answer any doubts and to collaborate with you in the face of any doubt or help you need. I am really satisfied and happy for my experience with Ifalpes and I recommend it without a doubt.
Pedagogy & Teaching


At IFALPES, we take pride in our attentive and professional team, consisting of experienced teachers with academic qualifications and a helpful, competent administrative staff. Our teachers are not only experienced but also highly qualified, providing personalized guidance and support to students at every step of their learning journey. Each of our teachers is a native French speaker and holds a university degree in FLE (French as a Foreign Language), accompanied by extensive teaching experience in this field. With over 30 years of experience in teaching French and a steadfast dedication to maintaining high standards, we have consistently upheld the FLE Quality Label since 2009.


Our French courses feature modern teaching methods and a structured syllabus, providing quality instruction. These courses have gained recognition from France Éducation Internationale and the Qualité FLE label. Going beyond the classroom, our immersive courses incorporate cultural activities and carefully selected accommodation, offering a rich experience in French culture. We prioritize student well-being, creating a friendly and international atmosphere, providing dedicated support and a stimulating learning environment. Additionally, we offer a personalized teaching support service, including progress assessments, free tutoring, and a welcoming attitude towards feedback.

Immersion in french language and culture

Our French courses provide a rich immersion in French culture through cultural activities and thoughtfully selected accommodations, ensuring comfort and quality. Experience a warm and friendly atmosphere that offers an immersive experience in France.


Achieve your French language goals by taking your exam at our approved and recognized center, IFALPES Annecy. We offer TCF (France Éducation International) certification, which provides an official document verifying your French proficiency level for university admissions, residency or nationality applications, and emigration to French-speaking countries. Pass your exam at our schools and obtain the certification that grants access to French universities and the opportunity to acquire French nationality.

TCF Exam


Discover our many carefully selected hosting solutions.

Depending on your project and the intensity you wish to give to your French language learning, many accommodation solutions are available to you 👇🏻

Host family

Student residence


Hotel residence

Activities & Entertainment

At IFALPES, we make your immersion unforgettable with our weekly programme tailored to suit all profiles of people. Whether you’re interested in gastronomy, the arts, sports or culture, our team organises activities to suit all tastes and budgets, allowing you to practise the French language in a fun way while meeting new people. Here is an overview of the activities that you can practice in Annecy with the school or by booking by yourself.

Our quality labels

Qualité FLE


Groupement FLE

Campus France

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