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Private tutoring at a distance: two formulas

LSF Montpellier offers private French online courses with its e-Learning platform.

Our e-learning platform allows you to learn French or to deepen your knowledge, with the assistance of a teacher, by working on different skills: exercises and lessons in grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, written production, written and oral comprehension, phonetics.

After taking our online test, which consists of an exercise part (conjugation, grammar, language structure) and a written part where you are asked to introduce yourself and explain your motivations, you are asked to tell us your expectations and needs.

Your teacher will draw up a programme adapted to your profile. He adapts, helps, advises and corrects you in a totally personalized way. You can send him any specific document you want to work on. You participate in face-to-face sessions with him or her where you practice speaking in video-conferencing. It gives you work to do on the e-learning platform: it guides you in the choice of exercises and modules adapted to your needs and level.

LSF Montpellier’s pedagogical teams also offer you personalized coaching in French: you can ask questions to our teams who will answer you and propose a correction to all your writings.

On our platform, you also have access to our groups which allow you to follow the news in French and to discover French and francophone cultures: reading tips, selection of radio and songs in French, links to games to work on French, cooking recipes, etc.

The 6 levels of the CEFR are available on the platform:

  • A1 : 6 Course Modules
  • A2 : 9 Course Modules
  • B1 : 9 Course Modules
  • B2 : 12 Course Modules
  • C1 + C2 : 12 Course Modules

For private distance learning, you have two options. In both cases, you work with a referent teacher and you have unlimited access to our e-Learning platform.

“Start your French course from home and then come to France to complete/your training and live a fabulous immersive experience”.

This Hybrid offer “Distance learning + immersion language stay” is a particularly powerful offer because a direct link is created between the distance learning sessions and the immersion session at the school if you decide to come to LSF Montpellier. Pedagogical continuity is assured.

What are the main advantages of the hybrid offer?

  1. You will have started your courses and you will have accumulated hours of training from your home or office.
  2. You will have become accustomed to the training methods of the LSF school.
  3. You will have gotten to know the teachers you could potentially have during your stay in France.
  4. You will have been made aware of French culture thanks to the resources made available to you
  5. You will have been able to prepare yourself as well as possible for the courses dedicated to the exams (DELF/DALF, TCF, TEF and DFP) and therefore better succeed in your exam.

In short, you will have optimized your learning of French and you will have saved time.

The course of the hybrid training

Cours en ligne Accès plateforme E-learning Séjour linguistique immersif Accès plateforme E-learning Fin de votre formation

Thus, it is not just distance learning that we offer but a new way of learning French. An extremely effective method whose objective is the optimization of the training. This new way of learning French is in addition to the two others that remain, namely immersion stays and distance learning courses.

Other advantages of the hybrid formula

Beyond the pedagogical interest and the optimization of your learning, you benefit from price advantages. Thus, when you come to France :

  • Registration fees will be offered
  • The week(s) of distance learning course(s) will be taken into account for the calculation of the total amount of the immersive stay which will allow you to reduce the cost of your immersive stay.
  • You will benefit from reduced rates for access to the e-Learning platform.

You have access to our catalogue of more than 400 à la carte training modules to allow you to choose what you want to progress on.

This formula does not include a language stay. You work with your teacher in private lessons according to your level and the objectives you have communicated to your teacher. This formula is particularly adapted if you have very specific objectives and you lack the time to come and follow a language immersion stay in France.

You also have access to our catalogue of more than 400 à la carte training modules to allow you to choose what you wish to progress on.


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