Before the course starts, you will be invited by e-mail to join our e-learning Platform and create your profile. You will take an oral and written placement test to define your level. Before the beginning of the course, a teacher will define with you the contents to be worked on and the objectives to be achieved.

Throughout your course, your teacher will adapt to your needs; he or she will accompany you, advise you and correct you in a totally personalized way.

You will be given work to do on the e-learning Platform and you will be guided in the choice of activities and modules adapted to your needs and level.

The teaching team will also offer you personalized coaching. You can ask our team questions who will be happy to answer you and to correct to all your written work.

Online course fees (including e-Learning Platform access)

  • 10 classes: 600€
  • 20 courses: 1 000€
  • 30 classes: 1 350€
  • 40 courses: 1 600€


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